puch bosch style MEGA UPGRADE COIL PACK
puch bosch style MEGA UPGRADE COIL PACK


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

this is a superior 6v high tension coil party for that spark in your life you've always been waiting for! comes with 3ft of the best 7mm plug wire, bosch style HT coil and genuine ngk boot hundreds of times better than your shoddy old plug boot.

its such a basic important part of your ignition system why not go with a nice little upgrade!!!

this can be used on pretty much any 6 volt points ignition as well. this is identical to the ones found on all stock puch bikes! except better with updated / modern / higher quality parts.

for the coil, center to center of mounting holes - 53mm

if you're lookin for a mounting bracket mlm has ya covered

go ahead and shorten the spark wire to your liking! it all comes unassembled, so see where you're gonna mount it, cut accordingly, and then screw the plug wire into the boot and coil. there are little wood type screws in each that you twist the wire into, make sure you get it all the way inside and gently pull on the plug wire to make sure its secure. also, make sure you ground it GOOD, not on paint or anything like that! nice bare metal or screwed into the frame / engine somewhere.

one prong is ground, one is power to your stator. you pick with ones, does'nt matter what side you use for what!

alright, get that baby sparkalatin' !!!!!!

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