puch black pipe
puch black pipe




black puch pipe designed to mount up to one or two speeds, maxi or magnums, whatever ya like. for magnums you will need a spacer as always. clears pedal arms on magnums but not maxi. comes with a nice matte black finish thats sure to burn off so get your bbq paint ready. these have traveled quite a long way to be here and in the journey some got dinged and scratched so they are not perfect.

other delights include :

removable baffle (rivet)
3 mounting slots, none of which, some of which, one of which, might fit your bike
5 cone chamber
matte black finish

works insanely good on gilardoni once you reangle it to fit. like insanely good. i have seen it ! amazing!

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5 of 5 Best mid budget pipe July 19, 2022
taco eater : Jacob Fulton from Minneapolis, MN United States  
This is my favorite mid budget pipe out there. I ran one on an airsal 70cc and was spinning 10.5krpm on points. I sold it a while back and missed it a lot and so I got it again! Now I have it on a Polini with an HPI and its very very fast.

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5 of 5 RIPPS December 14, 2018
taco eater : Robert Brinson from San Francisco, CA United States  
beats the bi turbo cheapo pipe any day of the week go with this one for the magnum, perfect clearance for pedals and all

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5 of 5 got dang ripper! November 17, 2017
taco eater : viv from portland, OR  
had a proma circuit on my kitted build, after two years, my baffle flew off into the sunset never to be found. not having welding gear, i just decided to scrap it and go with this bad boy. holy hell, this thing RIPS. didn’t even bother re-tuning, had an 82 jet in my 15mm bing and it ripped right off the bat. lost a decent amount of low end and mid, but when the band hits it HITS. going to not be lazy and tune more accordingly to get peak performance, but it’s quiet, stealthy, and a mf BEAST. an excellent purchase for the price. BUY ITTTTTT

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5 of 5 Superb August 14, 2017
taco eater : Dirk Garr from Santee, CA United States  
This thing rocks! Get it for the 64cc polini matched with 15mm Bing and hold on tight!

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5 of 5 cheap ripper March 17, 2016
taco eater : immortan dave from Somerville, MA United States  
bolted this up on my treats reed kit magnum and it hits pretty hard, definitely satisfied for the money.  great low end (with proper clutch work) and pulls up to 10.5k or so, cant say if pipe is the limiting factor but im happy.  i had to grind the mounting bracket a bit to line up with the swingarm mount (and use spacer as noted) but no biggie.  kickstand will hit pipe and make a pretty sick clanging noise when you put it up, but thats all the warning anyone in your neighborhood needs to know shits about to get extremely real.  sounds mean. buy it.

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