puch airsal 72cc 46mm cylinder kit with head
puch airsal 72cc 46mm cylinder kit with head




puch airsal 72cc 46mm giant kit!

comes with cylinder, head, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs, intake studs and gaskets! (head, base, intake & exhaust)

this is the largest kit you can fit without having to grind out the case, same OD on the cylinder sleeve as any 70 kit but 1mm bigger innards! yeaaahhhh! oh my!

caution: just like on the 80 metrakits the piston ring with catch on the intake port when you're putting the piston in, so ya gotta know how to handle this man.


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5 of 5 Great kit, WONT WORK WITH CIRCUIT PIPES February 24, 2023
taco eater : Ascoute, Zeros from Toledo, OH United States  
Uhggg you know I’m running one of these matches to Korado and it’s doing like 55 on those tiny 16in wheels, so I could have checked, but I didn’t because I’m a dummy.

The fins are to big, so unless you wanna hack em off use an Estoril for more low end.

Also as a few review have mentioned, use at least a 1mm spacer depending on how aggressive you want your squish

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5 of 5 Best bang for the buck! November 12, 2014
taco eater : derek stahl blkblk from Denver, CO United States  
This I my favorite kit under $200. It takes work, sure, but well worth the little effort. It needs a base spacer, I use 1mm, no paper.
It likes Estoril/technigas next, low-mid pipes.
I've run 16sha, 19phbg and 19oko, all with great success.
Estoril, 19phbg and mild porting netted 6.1hp @ 9,500 on the dyno.
I have lots of miles on few of these; it's not the kit that siezes it's the builder and rider that siezes them.

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1 of 5 DON'T DO IT! April 18, 2013
taco eater : Derish Vulfhousin from guilford, CT United States  
If you enjoy exploding things you'll LOVE this kit! Even with a very rich mixture and extra oil and a long break in period at idle It still managed to seize after 35 miles. The whole kit isn't that great of quality. Learn from others mistakes. Buy a reliable kit!

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5 of 5 love the big cooling fins December 31, 2012
taco eater : Brian Scarborough from coral springs, FL United States  
got my kit cleaned up the ports and transfers / case matched - be carefull on the transfers to leave enough to seal up with - im using a 2mm aluminum base spacer to get correct piston height at the bottom of the ports.    for the money - this kit is fantastic.  been using amsoil saber,  its a great kit if you take the time to clean it up right before you install it.   the large fins on this kit do a great job of cooling.
im using vm18 with this.   id recomend at least a vm20 or bigger for it if you want all out top speed.   i mean  who rides around at 35mph anyways right ?

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4 of 5 Simple truth September 22, 2012
taco eater : Torrin from Rockford, MI United States  
This kit is a beast I ran it with a 16.16 sha paired with a Techno boss, it SCREAMS like an unholy banshee from hell. But If this is your first kit like it was for me you'll seize this shit so buy two and learn from the first one then rip.

File down all your ports or you'll catch your ring like I did three times, third time was unforgiving. But as of today I saved my piston and soon this kit will be ripping again.

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