puch airsal 70cc 45mm replacement piston
puch airsal 45mm piston



puch airsal 70cc 45mm replacement piston. this is for the puch airsal 70cc kit + other kits too

comes with piston, ring, wrist pin and clips

diameter / bore = 45mm
wrist pin size = 12mm
distance from top (not including crown) to center of wrist pin opening = 22.5mm
total length (not including crown) = 46mm


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4 of 5 Good piston, bad ring August 1, 2015
taco eater : Maci Dub from Dubvue, WA United States  
Good piston, just like the original, but the ring kind of sucks.  Black steel, sharp edges, and 3.8mm gap in my 45mm airsal bore that still shows cross-hatching.  Very brittle, broke on install without overextending.  Original ring was better quality, chamfered and chromed, but I got the piston kit years ago as well, so quality may be different now.

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5 of 5 Use the correct wrist pin. March 23, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
Bought the kit, worked great until I decided to make sure the ring was on right. Without thinking, I put the wrist pin from the 50CC cylinder in, instead. Wore down and broke off the wrist pin holes inside the cylinder (narf).

Great kit, great cylinder. Not immune to user catastrophic failure.

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5 of 5 Buy me July 31, 2012
taco eater : Mark from Somerville, MA United States  
This is a high quality piston, much higher quality than the kstar/treat kit piston. Additional benefits: the piston skirt is 3mm shorter (longer intake duration), and the crown is shaped to accomodate a squish band (crown is 2mm higher with a smaller radius that comes down to a flat ring; kstar piston is just domed with a shallow curve). Also, the kstar piston takes a really wide needle bearing, wider than anything that treats sells, whereas this guy takes a more standard 16.3mm wide bearing. If you have a puch 45mm piston port and need a new piston, spend the extra money for this.

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3 of 5 go kstar September 9, 2011
taco eater : Alex Sokolowski from denver , CO United States  
if you are here you are seized... save the money and get a kstar kit. ;) trust me.

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