puch ZA50 clutch cover FAG 16101ZZ bearing - metal seal
puch ZA50 clutch cover FAG 16101ZZ bearing - metal seal


apparently you can use these to convert puch snowflake wheels from loose bearing to sealed bearing! you'll need to use a 12mm axle. ive never tried this, a myth? maybe. some one please confirm. and ALSO take note that snowflakes usually use a different size bearing in the front and in the rear. read up on the puch snowflake sealed bearing conversion here and here.

these also work perfecto for front hobbit 5 star wheels to convert them over to 12mm axles instead of the lame-o 10mm ones!! score!

you could also try n pop the ZZ metal seals out and use it in the clutch side of a ZA50 if ya need

30mm OD - 12mm ID

FAG = very good quality

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I'm here to investigate the mthy of old snowflake and its power it holds behind its beauty don't get lost in those lines let's make this conversion to modern living. Will update when evidence has been noticed

Update: they fit like a glove on a snowflake just make sure to space everything correctly and do some research, it takes all day to space but it's worth all the looks and smoothness.

I really don't know why they call them sealed bearing they are actually cartridge bearing

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