puch za50 e50 CDI stator and magneto + derbi + sachs 505
puch ZA50 E50 CDI ignition




puch cdi for the people. this CDI unit will work on puch one speed E50, two speed ZA50, derbi mopeds, and sachs 505 mopeds. more possibly too. the CDI box and coil flipping and pick up placement with be the determining factor. 12 volts / 50 watts of pulsing power

this is just the magneto and the stator plate for all the experimentalists that want to use the CDI box of their choice. we have complete sets also available

magneto has an OD of 116mm!

from cuperteenland hmm.

"So we got the cdi to work on a piston port derbi, and figured out we can make the za50 box work on an e50. For the derbi the stator had to be modified, with the holes enlarged to allow more rotation to get to 1.8mm btdc. The flywheel fits most piston-port motors ok (4 of our 5), but some have extra aluminum webbing so it doesn't fit perfectly. I can take some pictures tomorrow detailing where the stator needs to be dremmeled to make it fit, and where the pickup sits for the ideal timing (had to drill and tap the other pickup location). I ended up running the counterclockwise box (za50 rotation), but it didn't initially work at high rpms, that same thing where it would only fire at theoretical idle. Flipping the coil around made it work perfect. Huge gain over points.

For the e50 to utilize the za50 box you need to drill/tap and relocate the pickup, and flip the ignition coil. Flipping the coil allows you to run the other box. With the pickup on the manufactured side, I got the timing to about .4mm btdc which runs ok, but still backfires out the exhaust. We didn't have the tap tonight, but we will tomorrow and it looks like relocating the pickup should get it in a better position (more adjustable) and right on about 1.8-2.0 mm btdc. I'll snap some photos, maybe someone can do a drawing or something then you can sell these for derbis, and you won't need a different cdi box."

Call me up or we can talk this weekend.

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5 of 5 cdi January 8, 2016
taco eater : Robert from bristol, CT United States  
it works good on tomos just have to time to 1.5mm btdc then ill be ripping it

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5 of 5 wokrs fine February 1, 2014
taco eater : Mish from Atlanta Ga, GA United States  
just had to get an expensive boot! and dremel the crap outta the stator, flip some things, and... go!

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1 of 5 Internal coil will fail January 17, 2014
taco eater : TBoy from Chucktown!, SC United States  
even with a resistor plug i have gone through about 3 internal coils, every one at rallies say dont waste your time with this cdi. I even switched to a differnt ht coil and a peitcard box, still internal coil failed. This cdi makes me sad. Time to try an hpi.

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3 of 5 Cheap, works October 4, 2012
taco eater : Will Daloz from Atlanta, GA United States  
it's a cheap CDI. I've seen about 10 of em run and 8 of em fail. But the failures are usually pretty simple - replace the box, rewind the timing coil whatever and you're back. Once you've worked out the kinks they work. Not special, but they work, and start easy.

there's a bunch of good info on repair and general here: http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_cdi

and custom wiring CDI boxes here:

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5 of 5 Say what!!!!! August 28, 2012
taco eater : H-B from Charlotte, NC United States  
It took a min to get set up on my za.  I flipped the stator coil.  Dremeneld out the notches to get the proper advance I wanted.  Pared up
pietcard CDI ignition box - 2041 and a pietcard ignition coil with it.  Auto advance and retard is sweet.  Deep blue spark.  Make sure you get your timing right and it will rip!  Well worth the cheddar.........In other words, if your thinking about it you wont be sorry, DO IT!

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