puch TOP con rod kit for E50 & ZA50
puch TOP con rod


connecting rod with needle bearings for pressing into cranks of your choice

standard 12mm wrist pin size

usually used for pressing into ZA50 2 speed cranks

TOP quality, made by TOP

maxi newport swinger dart daimler pinto magnum freespirit

dimensions -

con rod length eyelet to eyelet - 90mm

pin - 34mm long, 14mm diameter

con rod bearing - 12mm x 15mm x 14.5mm

rod bearing - 14mm x 18mm x 9.5mm

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5 of 5 Made in China? June 18, 2014
taco eater : Juanito Incognito from Durty jerzy United States  
"Chorn ko. Ltd" manufacturing Rod 593 interestingly enough it's the same rod as a tomos. These are actually found in most made in china after market cranks out there even the super cheap cheap $75 one. I have one of these rods,t However it's holding up pretty damn good!  However one must question, Top Vs. Rito. Hmmm Which is best? Made in china vs made in spain?

EDIT benji : hey! these are made in portugal by TOP, these are not made in china. if you have a non TOP one and you ordered a TOP one ... contact me!

EDIT:SENOR JUANITO These are manufactured in Tawain, Perhaps they're being resold from somewhere in portugal.

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5 of 5 sweet rod May 4, 2010
taco eater : cuperteenbro from Cupertino, CA United States  
i got a za50 from some dude who had some other dude build it, and they pressed this rod on it. I've put on too many miles, and its still tight, no end play in/out or left/right. Its taken my polini/za50 up to silly rpms and has survived, so yea, press one of these in your crank. I've heard it generally costs around $50 to press in. Colby and Tony (moped super*s) both recommended a little weld action on the pin/crank to make sure no twisting occurs.

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