puch SLAMMED single seat
puch SLAMMED single seat



dont tell me you havent tried to do this to a stock maxi seat...yes, its annoying but ends up looking sick...

well, heres a brand new thin, super low, bmx style maxi seat for allllll oh yes finally

NO spring, drop it down to the frame or against your rear rack

clamps to the stock seat post!

who knows, maybe this will fit on some other weirdo moped toooooo and now ya can be stylin. check your seatpost diameter...around 21.5mm

says puch on back mhmm

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1 of 5 Only part I’m not happy with June 29, 2020
taco eater : Trevor F McGrath from Buffalo, NY United States  
Did a full build on my Maxi Sport,

This is the ONLY part I’m not happy with AT ALL...

Stitching is crooked as all heck, not comfortable and the real deal breaker, NO MATTER HOW TIGHT YOU TIGHTEN THE BOLT THE SEAT STILL ROCKS BACK AND FORTH, Replace the bolt?? Not evern possible since whoever welded the seat together , the bolt is not even removable without literally cutting the entire seat pan off and starting from scratch, so disappointed, wasted 60$ and now it’s a wall ornament since it’s useless... ughhh looks like I’ll be buying a new seat since this is my daily, for now I had to put a bicycle seat on... NOT HAPPY DO NOT BUY!!!

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5 of 5 That L.A. Gear bike.... April 22, 2016
taco eater : Mike Boyd from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Whose is it? IT RULES

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