puch MEGA bullet exhaust - BLACK
puch MEGA bullet exhaust - BLACK



new puch mega bullet exhaust!!! hmmmm....kinda looks like something i've seen before...it's like a treat pipe and a homoet 6p smashed together!! preliminary testing has proven it to be a very nice mid-toppy pipe! kinda like a 6p with a touch more mid.

flat port!! you'll have to cut and weld it to fit gilardoni, metra 80, etc. speaking of the exhaust port, it's actually quite slim which means it fits right on cylinder with clearance issues like the airsal 44mm kit and old style fin airsal 45mm!!

decently large pipe, so pedals might not clear. be prepared to use a pedal shaft extender!

as with all painted pipes, there are scratches n scuffs in the paint. deal with it.

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