puch MAXI "wtohtmifp" FRONT brake cable - 1030mm - with oiler
puch MAXI "wtohtmifp" FRONT brake cable - 1030mm - with oiler


we really did try our hardest on this one. please review the information below prior to purchasing and double check the measurements at the very bottom against your own to confirm that you are getting the correct cable.

this one has a cable oiler. you will need to remove it, install the cable and mark the location of where you want the oiler to live. once this is done you can cut a small slit in the pvc housing and poke a hole thru the oiler into the cable where the slit is with an awl to allow the oil to flow into the cable housing.

WTOHTMIFP = "We. Tried. Our. Hardest. To. Make. It. Fit. Perfectly."

this WILL fit:
1977-79 Puch 1-speed Maxi SPORT
1980-84 Puch 2-speed Maxi SPORT MKII
1980-84 Puch 2-speed Newport II
1980-86 Puch 1-speed Maxi LUXE
1984-86 Puch 1-speed Maxi SPORT LS
1984-86 Puch 2-speed Maxi SPORT LS 2
1984-86 Puch 1-speed COBRA 1
1984-86 Puch 2-speed COBRA 2

40.5in cable inner length
34in cable outer length

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