puch maxi MINI racer seat with seat post clamp AND TRIM
puch maxi MINI racer seat with seat post clamp AND TRIM



mini puch MAXI black racer seat!! almost identical to the stock seat found on some maxis, swingers, pintos and such, you know, that one everyone likes and wants and ya can't ever find? yep that one..now WITH seat clamp!

nice chrome trim bolted around the side, so classssyyy

15" - long
3" - tall
6" - tallest
7" - wide

seat post clamp ID - 23mm

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5 of 5 wow cool seat bro i love this seat March 7, 2019
taco eater : Erin from Ypsilanti, MI United States  
Who wouldn’t want a nice medium lomgboi like this? Truly a sound investment, I think maybe there’s enough room for a small pet like a guinea pig or a chinchilla to ride along with you, though you might want to install some kind of gentle strap so that he doesn’t fall off when you’re ripping your face off going so so fast on your sick motorized bicycle. This review was sponsored by Sleve McDichael’s Guinea Pig Emporium.

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