puch MAXI complete DISC front end
puch MAXI complete DISC front end



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

use this assortment, or medly if you will, of high quality brand new authentic parts and accessories to make your disc braking dreams come true!! no cheap flimsy parts, only top notch products were talkin here.

these come with the black hub now! lucky you!

this will NOT come assembled, so thats your job! however, we will guide you on exactly where the pieces go and where to bolt everything on - along with the pictures above!

the wheel is 17" and for full specs, check the link above in the included products list!

the forks are ebr maxi black non-hydraulic and use a through-style axle which is included along with spacers, washers and nuts.

**INSTRUCTIONS on how to set up all of the spacers and hardware above in the pictures!!!**

here are some disc brake lines for you to choose depending on your bar height

we have some disc brake master cylinders here for you to choose from. this master cylinder or the tomos master cylinder are compatible.

in each link above in the included products there is a more detailed description on each specific part if you are curious!!

this setup will work for puch maxi, newport, and possibly others. all information is included in the listings here for you in case you think it may work for something else!!

now its time to stop on a dime and ditch those drum brakes!!!!

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