the new and improved puch maxi long racer seat! this one is ready to mount with no cutting or hacking required. sits low like you want it with racer bump on the back so you don't fall off at high speeds!

now in stylish CARAMEL brown

new special rear mounting system. two M6 bolts thread in from the underside of the rear fender where the book rack would mount. use with the book rack or without!

sometimes you might get one that needs a touch more glue on the bottom for the cover.. thats just the way they come, most will be fine tho. about 20" long - 6.5" wide - 3" tall

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3 of 5 pegs may not line up right July 8, 2020
taco eater : addison from Chicago, IL United States  
Got this seat towards the end of the season last year for my Puch Maxi. It looks great, but went to put it on last week and the threaded pegs don’t line up with the holes in the fender. Off by a little less than a 1/4”. Not sure if this is common in these seats,  so either make sure it fits as soon as you get it and swap for a new one or be ready to drill out your holes a bit.

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