puch MAGNUM LTD headlight fairing - BLACK
puch MAGNUM LTD headlight fairing - BLACK



everything about this is such good quality, it almost speaks for itself...super easy to mount on tons of mopeds with a 5" headlight. slides into place. its honestly harder deciding which bikes to put em on!!!!

strong fiberglass construction, tinted windscreen, and mounting brackets already on!! even has trim around the edges!!

originally found on the puch magnum LTD and motomarina sebring, but this one is brand new, treatland funded and approved

brackets are 155mm apart but can be easily bent or adjusted, and are 125mm long with an 8mm slot

about 14 x 9 x 5"

may have a few scratches here and there from its travels, but in superb new shape!

example above of bree's rad magnum from sac she built!

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