puch DMP AJH 70cc 45mm cylinder kit with PHBG intake
puch DMP AJH 70cc 45mm cylinder kit with PHBG intake


DMP ajh 70cc 45mm cylinder kit for all puch mopeds! this is potentially one of the fastest of the puch 60cc to 70cc cylinders, with some minor mods of course.

dmp looks to be rippy on the cheappppp

you're gonna want a nice carbon fiber reed block or swap out the metal ones that come in the reed block that's included

oh if ya really wanna get into some high rpm fun consider using some of the $$$ ya saved on this bad boy dmp version for a single ring teflon piston

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, clips, wrist pin, reed block and phbg intake!! no gaskets included!! i would highly suggest using an alternate intake because the one included in the kit puts the carb in the original location which is a tight squeeze

notoriously high rpm cylinder here. definitely hot. one time someone on a bicycle stopped me at a red light and asked "is that fun" with a confused and bewildered gaze. i replied. yes. yes it is fun. this kit is fun

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Okay like holyshit January 4, 2018
taco eater : Countryob from Princeton , MA United States  
The guy below me that comment about the port chanfring could not be more right. ( before I take a dremel to a kit I literally do zen) this person had no care in the world. The metal lining is chipping at the exhaust port! The quish band is fucking deep, definitely going to need to counter sink the head a shit ton.

Update: when you buy this kit make sure to use the short piston offered for the treats reed kit. Its 3mm shorter

This kit, I'm kinda glad I used a shitty case on this kit to case match. Just buy a treats reed kit instead

It's not treats fault they just supply the stuff but the factory should definitely try better

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Fastest/cheapest? July 28, 2017
taco eater : Birdman from Michigan  
Introduced to this kit by Alex of Detroit Moped Works. You rock :)

Do the standard setup deeds and you get 50mph with a treats 50cc hi-hi head and no special spacing. (Despite the horrible height issues.) (Proma Circuit, 15mm bing)

* What the BLEP is with the factory clean-up on these? They opened all of the ports in all directions by min 1mm from what looks like a person who is recovering from a lifetime of alcoholism, shaking the night away.

I petition to have any and all brand kits shipped with no factory cleanup! I'd rather do it myself. Always horrible, but we have no other choice.

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Fast & Cheap July 6, 2017
taco eater : Alex, Detroit Moped Works from Detroit, MI United States  
Squish is kind of wack, so we run a 50cc HIHI head to compensate for that. Other than that, some clean up & Boysen Reeds is all this kit needs to blast with the big dogs.  We especially like this kit because with the bing ALU intake, you can run a bing 14-15 with all side covers for a sleeper ripper.  On tube frame bikes you can use the a 17-21 phbg with the included intake for even more powa.  Also does well with VM18 on MLM intake.

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yes October 13, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Seattle, WA United States  
so good, it will melt your face with a homoet. the low end isn't so bad with this kit too. on the one i built the head needed to be counter sunk 4mm! make sure you set it up properly to get maximum ripping!

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