puch moped 80cc 47mm parmakit cylinder kit
puch 80cc parmakit


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aluminum nikasil lined 3 port 80cc cylinder kit from parmakit. Extremely interesting for its bridged port design, large cc, and nikasil lining. like the other 80cc kits - the metra and gilardoni, this one also has an angled exhaust port and requires machining of the case for the cylinder sleeve to fit. Intake is a whopping 30x18mm, exhaust is a solid 28mm at the port, and opens huge inside due to the bridge. one ring piston with a L ring (dykes ring), what?! oh too exciting. includes parma 80 head !

seized by all the greats!! will you prevail??

we have one intake that works the puch gilardoni piston port intake, just make sure it will clear your frame!

this just in!! - also works with the kreidler parmakit intake, not sure how it'd work pointed backwards but just clears the fins shooting forward and may work with a length of spigot mount hose or some other crafty manipulation!

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interesting kit... December 13, 2011
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Columbia, MO United States  
this kit looks pretty darn awesome... the bridge port design is pretty sweet.  get ready to make an intake too! would've been five stars but the casting is pretty poor and there are pock marks on the mating surface of the head, so you will most definitely want to flatten the head out or it probably won't seal.  I don't actually own one nor have I ridden one but I helped a friend put one on his free spirit and it looks MEAN.

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