puch 70cc airsal cylinder kit - 45mm
puch 70cc airsal cylinder kit


 :*sorry none today*

the puch airsal 70cc 45mm kit, for puch mopeds. yes.

comes with cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs and gasket set with head, base, exhaust and intake gaskets

you can try out a dual ring piston for this kit if you want, found here!!

surprisingly similar to something i've seen before, i can't quite place it tho, maybe it's just de ja vooooooo. dooooooo

voodoo macho


----please take note this kit does not work with the puch o-ring heads because this kit has a decomp hole that wont get sealed with those heads!---

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5 of 5 New castings are amazing July 31, 2019
taco eater : Magic from Seattle, WA United States  
They must have gotten a tooling upgrade and or a new die over there because the latest batch is very nice. Defintley probably going to need a custom head, base spacer or a couple gaskets to not be smacking the head.

This is my favorite budget ripper cylinder, the durations are pretty agressive out of the box and they have plenty of room to play some more if you want to get crazy with a Dremel.

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4 of 5 works great July 2, 2018
taco eater : Mike Mo from Columbus, OH United States  
just had to add the extra gasket and spacing was good and now she rocks on my puch e50

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4 of 5 that 70s kit January 21, 2015
taco eater : Lou of Uglyland from Allston, USA  
Overall wow yes much more power than stock... Make sure to upgrade carb and with stuffy crank, major zooooom factor! 45 even if you're stupid!

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5 of 5 nice kit! December 22, 2014
taco eater : Matt Madden from Centennial, CO United States  
replaced the airsal 50cc with this...i had already case matched the 50cc kit so i just basically through this on...
stock head, 14mm bing, techno circuit
no problems with head clearance...
now it climbs up hills about 30mph and i go faster than i probably should...
still breaking it in but now i worry that i'm gonna melt my small end bushing...
oh well

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3 of 5 Decompression Hole is a Pain July 27, 2014
taco eater : Cam from New England  
The kit was amazing for about 10 miles until my engine started making noises and lost a ton of power. Found air leaking out the bottom near the decompression hole. You must put it on just right and also have the right head for it. There are other kits without the decompression hole for around the same price. I wished I went with one of those. The bolts/threaded things it comes with are weak and will strip. They will be an absolute pain to get out, so I highly recommend you use allen bolts instead. This kit works, but I believe there are better ones out there for the same amount of money... and without that annoying hole.

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