puch 65cc 43.5mm hero massive port kit
puch 65cc 43.5mm hero massive port kit

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ATTN! THIS KIT JUST GOT EVEN MORE BUDGET! "How?" you ask? Well they stopped including the piston, so no piston, no gaskets, no head, no wristpin clip, literally just a cylinder! Kinda cool in a way.

the ports on this kit are so enormous that you must jb weld some over the case cause the transfers will leak out the side! If you're pro you will weld on some additional material first, but if not, jb weld will do.

dremels dream of this 65cc kit, cheaply casted outer fins, inner cast iron is nice, no gaskets or any other fluf. just the raw essentials, cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips. dual ring bad boy piston. angled exhaust port, angled intake port too with three hole intake mounting, but you can use two. dremel it out - jb weld it up, the cuperteens have been our testers on this kit, they will soon be putting in their report on its rippage. probably makes a near perfect replacement for a magnum or korado cylinder if you really really really really want to use your stock pipe still, hmm, maybe? no idea. (this was all written in like 1999 haha)

get some replacement pistons and rings HERE!

get a really really nice base gasket HERE made by trickmetric!

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4 of 5 piston orientation? April 6, 2023
taco eater : Mats Lindfors from Middletown, RI United States  
just installed and only started this kit, have not rode it.
On this kit the piston has two holes in it that usually point towards the intake side that ive seen on other kits but the arrow on the piston that usually points down towards the exhaust is facing up when the piston is oriented with the holes up, not sure which was it right....

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5 of 5 Best kit July 6, 2016
taco eater : Rick box  
I ran the hell out of this kit. It is bulletproof if you can manage to kill this kit then you a very good at doing things the wrong way. Ran this until I had some con rod knocking when I pulled the running cylinder off it was missing the top ring just completely gone. It ran like this. You could see where the ring had hit the piston and head and snagged the exhaust port before shooting out the exhaust is my guess. Ran it like this for 3 more months.... I will buy one as soon as they are available just to keep on the shelf.

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5 of 5 I've purchased this cylinder twice, June 29, 2015
taco eater : Max Johnson from New Bedford , MA United States  
I get to review it twice.  Possibly the best kit ever.  Easy to port out, easy to add reeds, and cheap as hell.
I bored a seized one for a Kstar piston and decked the cylinder 4mm.  Stock port timings are around 150 exhaust, 100 transfer.  Raising it to 190/130 and running big reeds resulted in something meaner than a Gila.

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4 of 5 Has MASSIVE potential! March 20, 2015
taco eater : LazyPedaler from Elyria, OH United States  
I conducted some research on this BEAST before buying. Stock, it is rated at 4.2hp@5,500rpm! Imagine after porting and pipe.  Huge transfers line up perfectly to Tomos A55 cases.  The cast iron is definitely a bonus as I don't have to worry about nikasil flaking off after porting.  As others have mentioned concern about quality, the ports are a bit rough but who cares? They're going to get ported to shit anyways! Taco rating as is: Good

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4 of 5 I knew what I was buying. March 11, 2014
taco eater : seņor juanito from Brooklyn, NY United States  
Your pipe will not fit, nor will your stock Intake. I seem to be breaking all the rules and running this with a 12bing on a a za50 without case welding or matching. This thing is actually a very good kit, after gapping rings and cleaning the bore, makes good torque, you can use Minarelli intakes on this kit! It will stick the carb out forward and right and clear everything...bing w/shim or dellorto without shim. Pair this up with a magnum pipe! It bolts correctly to the angled port and bracket on a maxi frame. Its also a very quiet kit! Paired mine with a magnum head and the setup actually looks stock

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