puch 50cc tccd cylinder kit - 38mm - new style
puch 50cc tccd kit
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6 port puch 50cc 38mm tccd cylinder kit including cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, intake/exhaust studs and clips.

this kit has a square port intake so any of these intakes will work..

super duper rad porting! very nice side ports with channels!

very nice quality all around.. get to it! blast off!

get a replacement piston here ! wow!

complete gasket set included!

new style fins!

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Best bang for the buck December 20, 2017
taco eater : W FOwler from Buchanan, VA United States  
I have had one of these 4 years now, with a stock Magnum head GPS at 44 mph.  Just removed it to bump up to the 70cc, still looks like new inside.

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zippy little guy July 13, 2017
taco eater : Birdman from South Lyon, MI  
Ran 160:1 on accident during break-in. It survived! 300 miles so far. 40 mph flat, 15x40, 15mm bing, 74 jet. Power band starts quite high, 4 stars for crap low-end. Must reduce weight on your clutches for this one, mine engage at 3900 (stock 2-shoe @ 85.3 grams each), hits hard at 6000. Stock 50cc Puch 2-ring piston is MUCH quieter in this kit. Doesn't seem to affect power. Great kit to learn tuning on!

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rebel rousers moped club approved July 7, 2017
taco eater : thomas chisholm from richmond, VA United States  
put this jank on a stock za we had lying around..huge transfers and seems to have the power of the 70cc kit .. could be a real ripper and for the price get two like we did.. stock as stock za50 ...35 mph with no bing filter and a 60 jet ...imagine the possibility !!!!!!!

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Piston cracked November 1, 2014
taco eater : Nathaniel Lister from Portsmouth, NH United States  
Looked nice works after a replacement piston. The one included chipped and cracked along the top. Whole piston junked. Never seen it before. Rings still intact. Found the missing chunk thankfully

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mediocre lows, great top end August 14, 2013
taco eater : simon from chicago  
this thing has some pretty nice porting for a cheap-ish 50cc kit.  ran it with a boss pipe first and it was a total dog off the line, but GPSed at 42mph with my 145lb. on it and 15/45 gears.  that's nearly 10,000 RPMs! not bad for 50cc! low end was better with proma circuit but still not great. maybe more clutch tuning would have done the trick? at any rate, great 50cc kit if you want something better than stock but milder than a 70cc.

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