puch 50cc metrakit cylinder + piston + gaskets ONLY
puch 50cc metrakit

alternate reality price $229.99


puch 50cc metrakit with cylinder, intake, piston, rings, pin and clips + gaskets ONLY ONLY ONLY!!!!! no head with this one sorry!

the exhaust transfers and intake are the same size as on the 80cc metrakit small port. MASSIVE. this kit has the angled exhaust port, so it's 8p homoet or cut and paste, hack n weld o. Use whatever head ya like. dykes ring (L ring) piston with two rings. fits right into the case with no problems, wont require case welding or jb welding to enlarge the transfer ports to match. just dremel port match, or not and go go go. quite rare and who knows how many more we'll have

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