puch moped 50cc cylinder treat kit for the people - version 1
puch 50cc cylinder treat kit - version 1




puch 50cc 38mm cylinder kit.

comes with complete gasket set, including head, base, exhaust, intake, and stock maxi pipe gasket

our updated version of the stock puch cylinder.

50cc booster kit! larger intake and larger exhaust ports!, intake boost window in the piston! larger transfer ports! piston, wrist pin and clips!

no intake or exhaust studs, but who needs that, just use allen bolts.

use your stock head, of get a 50 hi head, 50 hi hi head or get the party!

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5 of 5 Gear it down and rev forever October 5, 2022
taco eater : Zach Urban Decay from Somerville, MA United States  
Cheap and bulletproof, but no torque. Feels like less torque than a stock open transfer puch cylinder. However, gear lower than stock and you'll have no problem hitting 40 mph with a bing and a boss. Get that needle bearing crank and case match for the revs!

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5 of 5 gear short and rip December 19, 2017
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
don't blow it and run taller than stock gearing. go against your intuition and run SHORT gearing so it can REV to the moon! you have no torque with a 50cc kit, so you must compensate with gearing.

currently hitting high 30s with great off the line performance with 13 x 45 gearing on an e50, 15mm bing, jammy pipe and stock two shoe with kickstart springs.

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5 of 5 300+miles May 19, 2016
taco eater : Edgar Massey from El Cajon, CA United States  
Kit still looks brand new after 300+miles!!! From a sha 16.16 to bing 15 to phbg 19 this kit rips! No porting no matching bolted to my tomos a35 bottom end with the stock tomos a35 head and a boss pipe. Gps'd 45 on flats, over 55 down hill (big hills here) love this kit

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5 of 5 decent if you dial in the your clutch June 18, 2015
taco eater : Christian James from Derry, NH United States  
Just got mine all set up with rebuilt e50, 14 bing, unstuffed roller crank, broken welded back together boss pipe, blue spring 2 shoe and hi comp head and I'm seeing decent results.

low end is total shit. tune your clutch 10 times to dial it in and it's livable. Top end is pretty good, climbs slowly to 20 then really pulls up to about 42mph on flats. still getting it fully tuned tho. perfect kit for my girlfriend to not kill herself!

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5 of 5 yep.. February 20, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from NH United States  
45 flat all day, pick and choose your carb and pipe properly, get a wide jet range, tune to the best of your ability, break her in with the finesse and Patience you never gave a woman and you'll get results you weren't expecting from this kit. Got it at the beginning of last year and she still "treats" me good! ;D

P.s as far as these guys bellow me
Throwing down specifics like what jet to use,
it can be helpful
But location is everything, kit your bike
To where you live and what you intend to use it for
And for what YOU want it to be capable of.
The possibilitys are endless in treatland, get creative :)

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