puch 50cc 38mm airsal cylinder kit
puch 50cc airsal cylinder kit




the puch airsal 50cc 38mm kit, for puch mopeds. yes.

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs + head, base and exhaust and intake gaskets.

this cylinder needs about 1mm of base spacing to properly clear the head so be sure to pick up one of these 1mm puch aluminum spacers or be prepared to make yer own!


----please take note this kit does not work with the puch o-ring heads because this kit has a decomp hole that wont get sealed with those heads!---

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4 of 5 decent September 19, 2015
taco eater : gregory kohler from bowling green, KY United States  
decent kit, had a hell ova time getting the base shimmed out. ended up with a 1.6mm metal spacer for the base with some copper gasket spray. 14 bing with circuit pipe and im hitting 43mph-ish

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4 of 5 Solid September 9, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Herndon, VA United States  
I used this on an e50 from a 1978 Magnum XK.  I've gone many miles this summer.  Top speed around 48mph.  It's solid.  No issues.  I did have to use another head gasket though.  It's lighter than the stock cylinder by roughly 2 lbs... shave'n off the weight is cool.

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4 of 5 a couple of quirks March 13, 2014
taco eater : Matt Madden from Centennial, CO United States  
i got mine on a super sale so not too bad but a couple of weird things...

yes ya need a bigger base gasket...check yer squish

the wrist pin was too long to allow the circlip to install (used my stock one)...

if ya want the fins to match the head ya have to rotate the head which uncovers the decomp hole in the cylinder which means ya gotta seal that off...
i tapped the decomp hole and put in a 6mm set screw...
i'm pretty happy but ya gotta pay attention...
update...benji hooked me up with the correct wrist pin, lost some low end but ...tune yer clutch and hitting 38 on a 1.5hp nostalgia

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4 of 5 Rips hard! August 4, 2013
taco eater : Lb mopeds from fullerton, CA United States  
I had one of these from a few years ago.  Just get the port timing right with the correct base gasket thickness. Not rocket science!!! With a 14 bing and a homet 4p stock crank and points ingnition on 16 x 45 gears it dyno tested 4hp at almost 12k rpms and did 45mph no prob on a maxi. I think I will get another one to heavily port and try to see if I can get 60mph with the help of an hpi and lightened crank

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4 of 5 nice replacement cylinder June 13, 2013
taco eater : Anonymous Person from SD United States  
good 50cc kit for the price + the 2 base gaskets, 40+ mph with 16x41 gearing and 14mm bing

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