MBR raceparts KTM clutch conversion for puch e50 - 21t regular cut bell
puch e50 straight cut gear complete set - KTM CLUTCH version
alternate reality price $399.00

 :*sorry none today*


MBR raceparts brand new KTM SX clutch conversions for puch e50! insanely high quality cause it's made in SWITZERLAND! if you want absolute control over your clutch stall, this is what you need.

comes with a clutch holding tool, OEM KTM SX clutch, clutch springs, adjustment washers, clutch bell, clutch bell bushing and clutch nut.

you will not be able to use your starter plate assembly, so its time to lighten up and go with pullstart or drill start. I'm unsure of whether the spacing is correct for kickstart, but if you're crafty, you can probably make things work.

****this version is for the KTM e50 clutch, so keep in mind the clutch bell is way smaller with an 83.5mm inner diameter!!****

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