puch 45mm O-RING high compression head
puch 45mm O-RING high compression head



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

finally theeeeee 45mm O-RING high compression 70cc head for puch maxi magnum pinto free spirit kromag swinger dart tomos yamaha chappy whaaaattttttt!!! its what you've been waiting for your whole life !!!! no MORE head gaskets!! just this O-RING !!!!!

••take note these heads DO NOT work on some cylinders that have a decomp hole or that don't have enough surface area to seal properly, if you have any of these cylinders this head will not work - stock A35 cylinder, puch airsal 38mm, 44mm and 45mm, & puch polini 64cc••

sealing surface is 53mm so anything wider than that will work perfecto!

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Hold on, here comes the powerband April 20, 2018
taco eater : Nathan-David Sapanza from San Marcos, CA United States  
Wow!... slapped this puppy on and it improved the low end torque right away.... the powerband hits hard at 4500 RPMs so I’d move alittle forward on the Ped if I was you...
Puch Maxi, 17x38, Boss pipe, 17mm Bing Clone (wide open Choke) Supreme Fuel (no Booster).. thanks Dana. Treatland !

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O-ring? September 13, 2016
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
This head works really well! I had a cylinder head mating surface that was bitten by jaws and this baby sealed it up!
Only issue is I always battle with sealing up the spark plug on these aftermarket heads mybe a copper washer that I can really crush will fix all that

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compression heaven August 31, 2014
taco eater : Bruce Cowgill from Fruitland, ID United States  
Noticeable power increase and the fins don't vibrate like the k-star head I replaced.

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Best head you can buy! March 20, 2014
taco eater : tyler collins from Clinton , CT United States  
Love this thing, using it on my athena ajh reed kit and I'm getting 200psi cold compression. This head rocks.

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Puch 45mm O-RING high head January 31, 2014
taco eater : Timotej Gradišnik from Bistrica ob Dravi, Maribor Slovenia  
This head looks fine. The combustion chamber is nicely finsihed. Well se, if this head will stop my sparkplug leaking.

The old head wich I used for Athena AJH 70ccm, was leaking from the sparkplug hole. Maybe the thread was poorly finished.

The combustion chamber in this O-RING head is HIGH, HIGH - awesome in comparison to classic cylinder head.

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