puch 3 shoe E50 KICKSTART clutch
puch 3 shoe E50 kickstart clutch


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puch 3 shoe adjustable performance race clutch for kickstart E50 engines.

want it to engage later? adjust the springs, switch em to blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow, or your own favorite color! yay! rainbows! unicorns! love n peace!

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5 of 5 read the description July 17, 2015
taco eater : James Newlin from Seattle, WA United States  
not for a pedal start E50. I'm a dummy and didn't read the KICKSTART part in the title. You'll want the other 3 shoe clutch for a pedal start, as this one doesn't have cork on the starter plate

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4 of 5 woodruff key May 12, 2015
taco eater : luke stavely from wilmington, NC United States  
I dont see a slit for the woodruff key. It seems like it would slip w/o it. Anybody have a little knowledge on that?

WILL edit: the clutch on e50's is held on by the taper fit, not the woodruff key. once tightened down the key is pretty much useless....its actually better to run no key because if the clutch does decide to slip off the taper with a woodruff key in, it would destroy either the crankshaft or the hub of the clutch or most likely both. none of the aftermarket clutches have a keyway...its a mystery why puch decided to put one on the clutch side hmmm.

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5 of 5 Great replacement part December 27, 2012
taco eater : brian schulz from cranston, RI United States  
The original pads on my kickstart clutch were shot.  I had a kstar 3 shoe clutch sitting around so I pulled the 3 shoes off of it and placed them on the kickstart plate.  there seemed to be a tolerance problem with the posts on my original plate and these kstar clutch arms which resulted in an extremely late and high RPM engagement.   I took a chance and purchased this to try and eliminate the problem.  installed it and it works perfect!

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