puch dellorto SHA 15mm LONG square port intake
puch 15mm long square port intake



**new 2021 edition, totally redesigned and all new, but still in essense a long square port intake, all reviews pertain to the old version!! totally cool noodle style**

square port 15mm intake for using dellorto SHA carbs on many a moped. perfecto for puch treat kits n airsals n pre 78 puch stock cylinders. For all the circle port cylinders like post 78 stock and metrakits you can make a circle and square match with magik dremel tool, or not if you are lazy.

shoots the carb out to the left and forward a bit....hope that makes sense!

works on e50/za50 no problem

uses the 1mm sha shim !!!

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5 of 5 im desperate for another one of these October 23, 2019
taco eater : City boi from plantation, FL United States  
I dont belive in god, but im willing to blindly join the first cult that produces more of these...

Had one of these take the full force of a head on collision with a parked car (friend jacked themself up in the process). It broke but saved my entire ped.

*am i allowed to use this as a buy/sell?  ~ooops~ Jcole91@live.com

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4 of 5 Needed a little bit of clean up December 13, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
The casting is ok on these, some roughness here and there inside.

I had one of these before and the flange/base cracked. This time I made sure to look at the flange and sure enough, it wasn't very flat. A little love sesh with the belt/disc sander cleaned it up and made it good and flat. I don't think this one will crack.

Idk why these guys are using allen bolts on these intakes. A regular m6 bolt and an open ended wrench fixes your tool clearance issues when torquing it down.

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3 of 5 i WANT to love it but... February 27, 2017
taco eater : Goshen Mopeds from goshen, IN United States  
ive bought this intake several times, and used it on puchs and minarellis. for v1, its perfect. buy it and dont think twice about it. for puchs...its so so. this is the only intake ive ever had that will crack in half at the base. why? no idea. just look down one day and find it cracked. even after cutting it to fit stock cylinders. shrug. works pretty good on a kit, but you will NEED  a filter that blocks forward air or you can almost promise either a seize or an uneven tune. probably both. the simple solution for bolting it down is to use allen bolts and then cut the short end of your 90 degree allen wrench in half or more so you can get down in there. all in all, its a fantastic intake, but it requires work and consideration to make work effectively on puch. i like my intakes to work right out of the box, hence the 3 star rating. put in the time, and you wont be sorry.

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5 of 5 dose this work with the minarelli v1 June 19, 2015
taco eater : Travis Howard from san diego, CA United States  
i got the polini kit. will this bolt on?

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5 of 5 THIS WORKS December 1, 2014
taco eater : MennoOonneM from San Diego, CA United States  
The other SHA intakes for Puch are a pain in the nuts. Just buy this now instead of a shitty one first and then this one after. Seriously.

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