polini m6 x 106mm PUCH moped engine cylinder stud

polini m6 moped engine cylinder stud



m6 moped engine cylinder stud made by polini!

use this size for puch E50/ZA50, morini M01/M02, yamaha qt50 and more!

sold individually!

m6 x 106mm


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1 of 5 I can’t recommend these. August 15, 2021
taco eater : John Lewis from Louisville, KY United States  
This falls into the “ya get what you pay for” category. Stripped two of these studs using a torque wrench at 7 pounds on the head bolts. You may have better luck. Could have saved myself a lot of time buying the ESO High Quality Studs in the first place.

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1 of 5 Ugh meh and polini put there name behind these... August 27, 2015
taco eater : Feezy from Minneapolis, MN United States  
These have been giving me a headache. They keep stripping on the cylinder side. Bought 8 for two engines and I haven't even got through one. Attempting to use stock ones now. Try the Yamaha m6x106mm or something cause these will make you effin cry bro bags!

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4 of 5 One of em broke July 11, 2015
taco eater : James Newlin from Seattle, WA United States  
One of these fractured at the threads when I over torqued it (10-15 ft-lb?). Don't be stupid w/ the torque wrench like I was, these can't take much more than spec.

Otherwise, these seem pretty good for my Puch Newport, the length is the same as the originals.

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3 of 5 WONT FIT MORINI May 29, 2015
taco eater : Goose from Detroit  
Morini are longer, like 20mm longer

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5 of 5 Niiiiiiiicccceeee November 21, 2014
taco eater : Andy Steshenko from Santa Cruz, CA United States  
8/22/2014 It says polini on it. Must be a good stud. I stripped my old ones and these went right on. Feel good. I have confidence in these! Just don't tighten your nuts or anything while the engine's hot or you might strip your bolts like the idiot me did. Not with these, with stock ones..

EDIT: 10/25 NOPE FUCK THESE THINGS. One stripped out from just riding. I had set them, retightened after a few cycles, and didn't touch anything around them for a couple months. Then, what do I wake up to, a head leak and a stripped nut. AND I used the tall coupler nuts too.

Edit: 10/26 nope I'm a retard! somehow, the case threads stripped! and i didn't even touch anything! from normal everyday riding! what the hell! so it's probably not the stud's fault....so watch out for your case threads!

Edut: 11/21 - locktite didn't help with keeping the stud in. I suspect these aren't THE most high quality things in the world, and the threading might not be too good, sorta loose if not threaded well

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