polini CP 15mm carburetor with pull choke

polini CP 15mm carburetor with pull choke


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This was the Polini's great idea, and this is the great result: an innovative carburetor, whose every single component has been designed, developed and manufactured by the company of Bergamo. Available in a wide range of diameters - 15/17.5/19/21/23 - it is entirely made of aluminium, it has compact dimensions and it is 40% lighter than a traditional carburetor.

The inlet pipe is very short and it features an exclusive concentric design and a geometry that optimizes the air flows when the gases pass through. The overflow of petrol in the atomizer has been designed to ensure correct flow dynamic at every position of the throttle valve when opens. The hole where the petrol enters and the larger needle allow the constant draft even in the most extreme conditions. The float level, completely made of plastic, and the needle seal are carefully controlled in the production department to ensure the same standard of efficiency over time. These features considerably simplify the setup of the carburetor. Thanks to the extremely sophisticated calibration, the petrol-air flows, main and low jets, have been designed to achieve the best performance with lower consumption. The compact size of the new carburetor is the result of a careful and meticulous management of the inner space and the maximum efficiency of all the components, subjected to strict controls.

To ensure an easy and precise assembly on the best sellers engines and its compatibility to different filter boxes, both originals and racing, flanges with different diameters are available. A prestigious project like this has required a deep synergy of competences in this field. An extraordinary teamwork between the technical and the racing department to reach the goal which is visible to everybody: a technologically advanced product and of absolute reliability.

A further confirmation by Polini which always makes the dreams of who is "racing" inside come true.

100% made in italy!

the polini carburetor weighs 9 oz vs... the PHBG which weighs 16 oz! wowwww!!!

pull choke style

uses - oko/pwk hex main jets

comes with -

90 main jet
40 pilot/idle jet

spigot OD is 25mm which is the same as PHBG rubber couplers!! RAD
air filter spigot ID is 46mm but you can run the 48mm air filters just fine! benji checked!

grab some idle jets here!!

polini part number 201.1500

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5 of 5 perfect for tomos a35,total power on every level September 30, 2019
taco eater : James Hygaard from victoria british columbia, BC Canada  
This is a very state of the art carburetor,if you buy the a55 rubber adapter,hack your intake,slice the rubber boot a bit to create 45 angle,use gorilla 2 part epoxy,never breaks,then cut stock airbox 1/4 inch and cut half of the back frame tube on box                          ( the rear half) then clamp it up and buy the 30-40 small jets and the 60-78 main jets,dial it in and watch that tomos fly.I am running a 30 small jet and 72 main at the moment.Oh,when you cut air box cut front of box 1/4.

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