peugeot points internal coil - original version
peugeot points internal coil


finally a replacement internal coil for your peugeot 103! works with points set up only. no more fuss with that old crusty ignition set up on your sweet peugeot. ahhh

4.5mm ID bolt holes
55mm distance between holes on centers

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4 of 5 Slightly different setup than stock October 23, 2016
taco eater : Joe B. from Taco Land  
Lotsa solder on stock bike, everything is designed for stake ons now (designed for children*) had to do some re-wiring, there wasn't a connection on this one in the same location on my stock coil.

Anyway, if you have a brain, its easy to make work....remember kids, breathing in molten solder is bad for your brain.... or is it? :D

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5 of 5 i didnt buy this May 17, 2012
taco eater : SABAT! from Worcester, MA United States  
i just milled out a Puch coil.

but i guess this coulda worked

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5 of 5 Simply awesome October 17, 2011
taco eater : Kirk Anderson from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Wow..I had my doubts after buying a NOS stock coil from handybikes a few years back and having it be just as f'd as my old one but this thing is awesome.
Brand spankin' new and bright blue spark.
Easy to install and no need for an external coil.
Just solder on a spark plug wire and you're set!

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5 of 5 info for ya July 19, 2011
taco eater : a treat from treatland of course  
removed the brown wire going to the kill switch entirely, I removed the wire going to the brake light switches from the coil to the Y connector where one wire goes forward to the brake switches and one goes to the tail light. If he removes the old coil he will not have brake lights unless he wires in a battery and changes the brake light switches. The stock switches are confusing. When the brake lever is pressed it actually lets the plunger on the switch go out which then OPENS the circuit. The replacements must work exactly the opposite in which the switch closes when the the plunger is out. Opposite what you'd think! Now for the coil wiring, I have one wire going to the points and one to the condenser, both are connected to the only wire coming off the new coil other than the sparkplug wire, mine is white I think. No matter. There is only one. Very simple. I'm using 12 LED bulbs in the headlight and in the brake light.

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