peugeot motobecane OMG petcock - straight flow - 10mm thread
peugeot motobecane black petcock straight flow


new fuel valve for whatever you ride motobecane, peugeot. OMG top quality! motobecane and peugeot 103 have the same 10mm x 1mm thread, and this works on both

+ this same thread works on numerous other mopeds and vintage motorcycles, some of which include certain models of beldeyama, benelli, betamotor, blata, cimatti, demm, derbi, dkw, ducati, grc, lem motor, maico, malaguti, malanca, mbk, motobecane, motom, negrini, peripoli, peugeot, piaggio, grillo, polini motori, rieju, rizzato, yamaha, zanella, zundapp and more

on / off / reserve

fuel flows straight down - for 5mm fuel line

10mm x 1mm thread

+ it gets better, this also fits these small tractors, yes tractors - abamotor, acme, agris, as motor, aspera, aspes, benassi, bernard, cifarelli, cm, cotiemme, diesse, fox motor, goldoni, grillo, lombardini, minarelli, mira, oleomac, off. carpi, pasbo, tecmati, vibi sprayer and more!

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OMG its a petcock October 23, 2016
taco eater : Joe B. from Taco Land  
Got a weird annoying french petcock thing on my bike. It sucked, don't think it leaked, but this one has a mesh pickup tube, and a nice little on off switch, not just "twist to tighten" like my old one, which had a little thing going through it that kept bottoming out on my tank.

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Took a chance and it fit August 7, 2015
taco eater : Rando from Birmingham, AL United States  
Fits my Concord XKE.

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Works Perfect! September 26, 2012
taco eater : Josh Josephson from Oakville, CT United States  
Great quality and worked perfect on my peugeot 103 sp moped! wish it showed which direction was on off and reserve but i figured it out! Thanks!

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Perfect! July 25, 2011
taco eater : jconelea from Reno  
I put this on my 1978 Motobecane Model 7, fits perfectly, and now i can SHUT OFF MY GAS! ahhaha, my old petcock was broken....Anyway perfect fit, works great, just remember if your installing on a Model 7, you have to remove the gas tank to thread this bad boy in!

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