peugeot motobecane OMG vintage cube petcock - 10mm thread
peugeot motobecane OMG cube petcock straight down flow fuel valve


this is an OMG steel super top quality vintage motorcycle style petcock for peugeot and motobecane - comes with paper gasket. this cock is made of steel rather than aluminum like most.

+ this same thread works on numerous other mopeds and vintage motorcycles, some of which include certain models of beldeyama, benelli, betamotor, blata, cimatti, demm, derbi, dkw, ducati, grc, lem motor, maico, malaguti, malanca, mbk, motobecane, motom, negrini, peripoli, peugeot, piaggio, grillo, polini motori, rieju, rizzato, yamaha, zanella, zundapp and more also for ducati bronco!

on / off / reserve fuel flows straight down - for 5mm fuel lne this cock is for more stylish dudes that don want their cock lookin like all those people who buy the cheepie cock, its like gucci n stuff man. vips too 10mm x 1mm thread

+ it gets better, this also fits these small tractors, yes tractors - abamotor, acme, agris, as motor, aspera, aspes, benassi, bernard, cifarelli, cm, cotiemme, diesse, fox motor, goldoni, grillo, lombardini, minarelli, mira, oleomac, off. carpi, pasbo, tecmati, vibi sprayer and more!

***These no longer come will a paper gasket. They come with a plastic bushing to complete the seal. New photo coming soon!

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