peugeot motobecane OMG knob petcock - 10mm thread - 8mm fuel line
peugeot motobecane OMG knob petcock - 10mm



OMG peugeot and motobecane knob style petcock. features 8mm hi flowin outlet for 6mm fuel line and comes with rubber o ring gasket. for french racers! french bikes use the 10mm x 1mm threading same for most peugeot and motobecane mopeds

+ this same thread works on numerous other mopeds and vintage motorcycles, some of which include certain models of beldeyama, benelli, betamotor, blata, cimatti, demm, derbi, dkw, ducati, grc, lem motor, maico, malaguti, malanca, mbk, motobecane, motom, negrini, peripoli, peugeot, piaggio, grillo, polini motori, rieju, rizzato, yamaha, zanella, zundapp and more

on / off - no reserve

for 6mm fuel line

10mm x 1mm thread

+ it gets better, this also fits these small tractors, yes tractors - abamotor, acme, agris, as motor, aspera, aspes, benassi, bernard, cifarelli, cm, cotiemme, diesse, fox motor, goldoni, grillo, lombardini, minarelli, mira, oleomac, off. carpi, pasbo, tecmati, vibi sprayer and more!

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