peugeot 103 moped doppler variator ER3 - with clutch function
peugeot 103 moped doppler variator ER3




for bad dudes, the absolute highest quality DOPPLER variator for 103, with clutch function. blue only!

doppler number 292517

NOTE!! clutch function means you are using this with your stock variator! you will need to reuse the majority of the stock variator components for this variator to function!! check out the last photo to see all the components necessary to properly run this variator. you will be re-using EVERY part on the diagram except parts 18, 19 and 25!

top nut is 24mm x 1mm threading. bottom nut is larger.. maybe 25mm haven't checked that one yet tho. let me find my measuring stick.

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5 of 5 Should’ve been my first mod June 14, 2022
taco eater : sage ipucha from Lebanon, CT United States  
This variator rips! Installation took me 5 minutes the first time, 2 minutes the second time, I have 2 103s so I bought 2…
Loctite your starter clutch studs, grease the pins and never look back. This should have been my first modd… seriously! It will transform your 103 from “eeehhh” to “woooaaahh” in 5 minutes. The ease of installation, the way my 3 port 50cc accelerated after install has changed the way I moped. Buy this now, don’t look back, I told you so!—— TECH NOTES;
For those like me who found the supplied variator nut to cause binding when tightened all the way, a simple washer (I used an m14 oil drain plug crush washer from VW golf) between the nut and variator will fix your woes… Doit Doit Doit!

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5 of 5 do it!!! April 30, 2012
taco eater : G from Boise, ID United States  
I was a lucky enough to stumble upon a girl so awesome she bought this version for my pug. IT. IS. AWESOME! Do not question it. Just buy it. Seriously, why are you giving me that dumb look? Buy it!

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4 of 5 Rusty baby October 8, 2010
taco eater : seth krauthamer from NYC  
Great variator. Its advantage over the multivar is the ease of installation. but, this thing will rust quick if it gets wet. the good news is as soon as you use it, the belt rubs off most of the rust. after the rain it quickly becomes the rustiest part of my rust bike.

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