peugeot doppler endurance crankshaft - small taper
peugeot doppler endurance crankshaft



highest quality crank produced by doppler, this is the 'endurance' series. it is yeah, rather amazing! rated for the highest RPMs. for the real rippers.

for use with small taper CDI ignitions or anything else you find that has a similar taper, like any puch or derbi or tomos, or sachs cdi or points set up, if you can make a mounting bracket.

**peugeot crankshafts come in two different taper sizes, one has the same taper as a stock peugeot crank and this one has the smaller diameter taper. so be aware of this when purchasing the any peugeot crank or CDI. you must get ones that fit together or suffer everlasting frustration and confusion.**

taper ID top = 12mm
taper ID bottom = 16mm
crank is 2.2 lbs

**please note that the puch taper for example will have different measurements, but ends up having the same slope! ha!**


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