peugeot airsal 70cc 46mm aluminum cylinder kit - small port
peugeot airsal 70cc 46mm aluminum cylinder kit - small port



70cc 46mm airsal aluminum cylinder kit for peugeot mopeds!

includes everything seen here!

huge intake and dual ring 46mm piston! same porting as the h2o 46mm airsal kit, with the simplicity of air cooling!

small transfer port version!


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oh shit dude May 4, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Santa Cruz CA  
threw this on a lethargic 103 with a 15 SHA that barely did 30, holy shit this woke it right the fuck up.

launch lever now actually does something, variation makes sense now, my clutch no longer grabs at a stupid low RPM and actually slips on takeoff, i can actually climb hills now, this kit is a dream come true for pug owners who want to use their stupid french bikes for practical purposes.

15SHA, stock ""de-restricted"" exhaust, 68 jet got me running right, a tad on the rich side @ sea level

we'll see how long it lasts, but it's a huge improvement over the stock cylinder for usability. I didn't even case match or dremel out an opening for that 3rd port.

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