peugeot airsal 70cc 46mm aluminum water cooled cylinder kit with head - no decomp
peugeot airsal 70cc 46mm kit


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70cc 46mm airsal aluminum water cooled cylinder kit with head for peugeot mopeds!

includes - H2O cooled cylinder and head, piston, 1 cast iron ring + 1 chromed ring, wrist pin, clips, head gasket, exhaust gasket and o-ring

huge, huge, huge top boost port, nice side transfer and nice ol' exhaust port. dual ringed 46mm piston with awesomeness three hole design for maximum flow, this has to be the best water cooled kit for the money for all peugeot kits. no question! so don't go asking any OK!


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3 of 5 Crazy awesome cheap cylinder February 13, 2014
taco eater : LB Knucklehead from Long Beach, CA  
Just pretty low quality.

Have not ran it yet, but first look at it shows a few issue.

The head that comes with it is not oring'd like most h20 kits, instead it comes with a head gasket. The head is also much to small for the cylinder and needed to be cut to match. Gasket was super crooked and need to be fixed as well if you wanted to run it. I think I will be cutting oring grove into the head instead though.

If you want plug and play, buy something else. If you just wanna save a few bucks and are able to fix this thing up, then get on for sure! I will update when I run it, definitely looks promising.

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