peugeot SPX artek K1 crankshaft - small taper
peugeot SPX artek K1 crankshaft - small taper



the artek K1 performance crankshaft for peugeot SPX / RCX. this is the small taper version. you can use any of these small taper CDIs or anything else you find that has a similar taper, like any puch or derbi or tomos, or sachs cdi or points set up, if you can make a mounting bracket.

high primary compression racing crankshaft with a special coating and lightweight racing balancing inserts.

two lubrication holes at the big end give sufficient lubrication.

**peugeot crankshafts come in two different taper sizes, one has the same taper as a stock peugeot crank and the other is a smaller diameter. so be aware of this when purchasing any peugeot crank or CDI. you must get ones that fit together or suffer everlasting frustration and confusion.**

taper ID top = 12mm
taper ID bottom = 16mm

**please note that the puch taper for example will have different measurements, but ends up having the same slope! ha!**

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