peugeot MVL chrome ebr forks
peugeot MVL chrome ebr forks


 :*sorry none today*

ooohhhhh!! chrome ebr peugeot 103 MVL forks!! these are weird ones and are NOT FOR REGULAR 103!!! an easy way to tell if you have an MVL is by looking at your beautiful bike. Was it purchased in the US? Then you probably don't have an MVL. Do your handle bars bolt to the triple tree top plate? Then you definitely don't have an MVL! follow these steps and things will work out every time for ya.

does NOT come with a top plate!

comes with a sweet fender mount/fork stabilizer. score!

there is no brake tab on either fork leg...weird? yes.

perfecto size just like the originals! keep your center stand man!!

head tube is 195mm - 55mm of threading

head tube is 25mm x 1mm

these ebrs are 23 inches long

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