peugeot CDI ignition AFTER PARTIE
peugeot CDI ignition AFTER PARTIE



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

for LARGE taper. basically all stock US bikes.

12v CDI ignition for peugeot 103, 102 or 101 !! Includes everything you need to set it up - turkey baster strap on ignition coil, secret black capacitor discharge ignition box, stator plate with all the fixins, flywheel with woody slot, and some spark plug wire, score! double score!

when you get this fine product take it apart and put it together with 8.8 grade bolts and loctite. skip this step and tomorrow you will be sorry.

****looks like we got a batch of these that DO NOT have the timing mark on the flywheel. luckily the timing mark is supposed to be directly above the woodruff key slot. if you receive one without a timing mark on the flywheel, simply use a ruler/straight edge to make a line on the flywheel directly above said woodruff key slot!!****

heres a good flywheel nut for ya! or some prefer this one!

and if you need a flywheel puller get this 19mm x 1mm puller!

you need to replace the bolts on the stator so get these allen bolts and use loctite upon installation! the original ones arent as good and may loosen

and if you need a new cdi box for this look no further

the flywheel has a 100mm outer diameter in case ya need that for some reason

you may have to break the little 2 tabs on the stator plate off for it to work on peugeot!!

watch THIS video before you install this cdi!

more wiring info HERE for you. + diagram!

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4 of 5 It works April 25, 2020
taco eater : :) from Seal Beach, CA United States  
Got it hooked up in a few minutes besides having to modify the nut. My peugeot only had 1 or 2 threads to grab onto so I had to grind down the nut so that it fit in that 1.5mm gap and then it worked fine. Glad to get rid of condensers and points and french electronics.

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5 of 5 Righteous December 21, 2017
taco eater : Owen from Bellingham, WA United States  
Used this guy to replace my dying 2 coil on my 103.  It took me a bit to get wired up and timed but i got it going pretty nicely now. I don't have a timing light so i cant comment on if the fire mark is accurate it definitely took a little experimentation. Timed from the woodruff slot like recommended and now i get huge purple spark. Make sure you get the recommended hardware and it'll mount up nicely. This thing is dope if your looking for a reasonably priced cdi. Thumbs up.

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5 of 5 fired right up December 21, 2017
taco eater : dingus from Dirty Jersey, United States  
Easy install if you are comfortable spinnin wrenches. The upgraded hardware pack didnt come with the correct hardware to mount it to the case but i think i can get away with loctite on the old stuff. Marked timing off the woodruff key and boom, fired right up. Thanks treatland!

edit rodney: hey man i made a new bolt set for peugeot with the right m5 stator mounting bolts!! all good now!!

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5 of 5 solid ignition October 30, 2017
taco eater : rodney from san francisco, CA  
i have used this multiple times on peugeots - 103 and 102/101 style and have seen many of my friends running these throughout the years on mbk as well without the adapter plate.

as long as you get the hardware replacement pack suggested above, this is a high quality inexpensive ignition that does not have problems like many of the other aftermarket ignitions do.

if the ignition mark is not there, make a line directly above the woodruff key slot on the outer part of the flywheel and this will be TDC for timing.

would use this on any future setup!

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2 of 5 Quality control needs to have quality control August 16, 2017
taco eater : Ryan Nash from New Orleans, LA United States  
* ignition coil was bad out of the box.  Would spark but it couldn't get into higher revs.
* Pickup was also faulty out of the box
* The fire mark on the stator is in the wrong spot.  The true fire mark (on mine at least) was about 1mm to the left of the one on the stator

By the time you get one of these working correctly you're either really lucky or you've just bought 3 of these and could've just purchased a hpi instead :)

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