peugeot doppler performance exhaust pipe
peugeot 103 moped doppler performance pipe



insanely amazing quality as always from DOPPLER

this thing is huge and comes with a giant sack o bolts and such to put it on your bike. uses ball joint mounting system

doppler peugeot pipes come with a mounting bracket designed for a roundish swing arm.

mounts to all aftermarket cylinders, not stock, probably too fat of a chamber for stock anyway.


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Rips June 22, 2017
taco eater : Sarah Baskin from Lake Saint Louis, MO United States  
Put this pipe on a stockish Moby with a 15 Dellorto and it is a ripper. You are just going to need to port the stock exhaust port to run this monster.

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a classic powerhouse December 5, 2016
taco eater : rodney from san francisco  
this thing hits, ive mostly used them on different bikes, non-french, like puch gilardoni and derbi, and it will PULL. the shape of the chamber and size of the cones is perfect, and its awesome to see what you can fit this pipe on. does work really well on a french ripper bike, ive ridden a few, if youre ready to get rid of pedals though!

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Dumb June 4, 2013
taco eater : Aaron Fogg from Memphis, TN United States  
Heavy pipe and quality built. Hangs too low. Makes turning left awesome. Very high RPM blaster.

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bye bye silencer April 9, 2010
taco eater : seniorita from Ann Arbor MI United States  
Of course the doppler rocks.  Except the silencer breaks off.  Then it is welded back on, and breaks off again.

So it goes with moped parts in general.  Still a rocking pipe!

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Pedals? Where we are going, we dont need pedals July 16, 2009
taco eater : Bemor Halfwit from los angeles, CA United States  
This pipe blasts.  Sounds great.  I wouldnt pick any other pipe.  This is the best looking and performing pipe for a Pug

The badges tend to rattle off in about 20 min of riding.
Badges we dont need no stinking badges

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