peugeot malossi multivar variator with clutch function
peugeot 103 malossi multivar variator



peugeot 103 and other similar models malossi multivar variator .. what to say? this thing is amazing, when you compare price to performance definitely one of the best deals out there.

this uses your stock clutch assembly!

clutch function means you can use your stock clutch set up and don't have to use the $$ and rare, but very rewarding clutch pulley system by doppler

the variotop is the next highest level of variator from malossi available with or without the clutch function for peugeot, but this one is really amazing!!

uses 16x13 rollers, includes 4.7gr weights I believe

caged needle bearing ID 16mm, OD 18mm, 13mm height.

51 7160

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4 of 5 Pretty nice April 15, 2011
taco eater : Jarod Vash from Livermore, CA United States  
I like this variator, it took a little grinding to make it fit easy peasy though.

I also lost a small part to it that was essential for it to work, and couldn't get it anywhere, and I even called Malossi USA and left emails for them but apparently they are on permanent vacation as they never got back to me. Just make sure you keep an eye on your pieces, I had to buy a whole 'nother variator to get one damn piece.

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