peugeot 103 doppler clutch pulley
peugeot 103 doppler pulley




for bad dudes, the absolute highest quality DOPPLER pulley with the clutch.

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5 of 5 must have September 3, 2015
taco eater : rodney from brisbane, CA United States  
put this on my batavus grand prix with a 103 engine, 50cc gila kit, and giannelli pipe, and the bike rips so insane without worrying about that stupid stock clutch stuff. get rid of it!!! dont waste your time and get serious. this is what all the french bike race winners use.

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1 of 5 when are you getting the mykitech ones back? wahhh September 14, 2011
taco eater : ultimate warrior from parts unknown  
ive had nothing but problems with mine.  when i first got it i took it apart locktited erythang.  only after weeks of tinkering and dilly dallying did i realize it was this clutch pulley that was causing my bike to sputter at high rpms. i figured it was anything but the clutch pulley.  i mean its doppler, right? i swapped cdis, swapped carbs, swapped cylinder heads, i even began to question my own port job... GASP!  it turns out the whole time that the pads were rubbing the bell in an uneven pattern.  so i took it apart again and sanded down the pads and it ran great for about an hour, only to have it sputter again.  maybe i got one from a bad batch, but if i were in the market for a clutch pulley, id find the mykitech one and click that little email reminder computer and wait... then spend the extra $120.

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4 of 5 Yes you can... April 29, 2010
taco eater : Nathan Hobart from Portland, OR United States  
... use this pulley on a motobecane. It's the same thing as the motobecane one and I use it and it's rad. The only difference is the pedal shaft is a different length and will need shimming- Or if you are clever you can just track down a hobbit pedal shaft and it'll work on your moby like a charm, with a minimum of shimming and you'll get to keep your pedals. Also these things need to be taken apart and greased and locktighted every so ofter and before you run them.

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