peugeot 103 70cc 47mm metrakit w/ CUSTOM CUT head
peugeot 103 70cc 47mm metrkit with head

alternate reality price $155.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

***NEW BATCH for 2019!! these come with CUSTOM CUT 70cc NON DECOMP heads!! now ya dont have to scour the corners of the net to find a derbi decomp valve!!***

These kits come with a Super Street custom cut head professionally adapted and machined to 47mm for use on the metra kit! Also, these come with a pinch more compression that Sport Touring or other heads, to make sure you get the most BANG for your buck!!!! Move over stock bikes and stay in the slow lane!

ATTENTIONE! we now have the peugeot 70cc metrakit BASE SPACER for spacing this kit out properly!! YEAH! Most have used the 5mm version up til today (jan 2020), but the great tomahawk asked us to make a 4mm version as well so people can have options with their spacing and gaskets.. grab both for lots of fun and tuning potential!!

peugeot 103, tsa, tsm metrakit 47mm 70cc nikasil aluminum cylinder kit with head!

includes head, intake, cylinder, 12 pin piston, 1mm ring, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs, head, base and exhaust gaskets

6 transfers, 2 auxiliary exhaust ports, and a nice large exhaust port

comes with - 47mm x 1mm GI chromed single ring!!

the head does NOT come with a decomp valve. this is a DERBI kit adapter to peugeot so you cannot use the original peugeot decomp valve, you must source a stock DERBI decomp valve!

cylinder skirt dimensions - 54mm OD, 28mm length

cylinder stud pattern was machined perfectly to fit peugeot 103 engines so it just slides on and fits!

derbi flat reed and peugeot share the same stroke (40mm) but are inherently different so you will need to space the cylinder with an aluminum spacer and some gaskets

comes in an airsal box

PLZ READ: to mount this cylinder you must disassemble your engine completely and open the cases so the cylinder skirt fits perfecto! you will have to dremel the fins on the top side so it fits your cases, as shown in the photo. the exhaust mount won't be the same so you'll have to make that work, weld on a new header or something clever.... you will also have to make a spacer so the cylinder fits perfectly allowing the piston to open and close. the base and head gaskets will need to be opened up ever so slightly so they match the cylinder stud pattern.


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5 of 5 Best air cooled kit for the $ April 5, 2018
taco eater : Tomahawk from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Needs some work to set it up right but worth it.
This thing rips and should solve Peugeot's 70cc overheating issues.
Assembled and tested the kit with a 5mm aluminum base plate, stock port duration, stock exhaust port, machined head, 9.7/1 compression ratio.
Chose to build a reliable stock version street use but definitely has room for extra power.
Test run video:

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