pacco SHA 13mm carburetor with kinetic style top - clone
pacco SHA 13mm carburetor


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pacco 13.13 carburetor clone for vespa & kinetic mopeds. this is the largest and as well the only performance carburetor upgrade for vespa mopeds unless you get crazy and get the polini reed engine with 19mm phbg, yikes. this will fit perfectly, instantly, easily onto vespa ciao, bravo & grande. kinetic users, no problem. it is a very simple switch as well. all dellorto jets also available. this version has the kinetic style throttle cable attachment. no bendy. see? i thought this was a spaco, but it a pacco! hmm, this is interesting this carb also fits on a batavus m48 engine as long as it has an encarwi intake, thats pretty cool!

these have a short choke lever

need jets?! use the regular dellorto main jets! comes with a 66 main jet that says pacco on it..

shim size for this carb is -

ID - 16mm
OD - 19mm

air filter OD size is 50mm

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Kinetic top is the best April 23, 2014
taco eater : DJ Lou Spin from houston, TX United States  
The kinetic top is the best, makes tuning easy when jetting.  This thing mounts on easy with a flat head.  The bowl should be changed, mine cracked but put the bowl on from my stock carb and now this thing is the bomb.

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Flesh eating tacos September 18, 2013
taco eater : Hugh Goldspiel from San Jose , CA United States  
Man, this was a BEAST to put on. Had to custom fit a new cable to it. Carb top was not the same as Spaco.i ended up using the metal float bowl off my old carb, and running a new sha Dellorto spring loaded float needle for maximum performance, and to stop top end fuel starvation issues while running a kit. It's on, and runs really good. I'm glad , but next time I'll just wait a little longer and get a dellorto .

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janky... October 3, 2011
taco eater : clone shmone. from savannah, GA United States  
i ran mine for about a year. in this time, i needed a new float, and the float needle's tip got killed by ethanol. weird sticky throttle slide things. some dellorto parts fit. some don't. they work...but not good.

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ehhhhh June 3, 2011
taco eater : Richard from Colorado Springs Co  
Not the same exact at a kinetic, it looks the same but the parts are not interchangeable. The control is a little smaller and is a pain to make work. The one o got had a crack in the plastic float bowl and i had to grind out some metal to make my old one work. the top plate will will not fit an dellorto grinding or not. I did make it work and it has been reliable for about 100 miles now.

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Clone but good April 28, 2011
taco eater : Roberto from Sacramento, CA United States  
Good clone, the top part isn't en exact clone so youa re sure to have to mess with the throttle cable, but then again you probably want to do that anyway.

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