orange wall 18" tire trim set
orange wall 18" tire trim set


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18" ORANGE wall tire trim set - comes with 4 tire trims, enough for one motorcycle or moped, two wheels, that's one for each side of each wheel. this size about 30mm or 1.2" or so wide.

these are made to work with tube type 18" motorcycle and moped tires. not sure if they work with tubeless tires yet.

these tire trims are sooooooo cool. i think they are at least. i don't know about you. i have em on my moped. now i have white wall gazelles! you could have white wall any kind of tire you want! they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and colors. many more colors on the way too! all you do is take of your wheel, deflate the tire a little, and insert the tire trim. once it's in the wheel rim, it's shape pushes it against the tire making a virtually seamless bond. you really cant tell they are separate inserts, you don't need and glue, and they won't fly out at high speeds. these are really my favorite new item, . .ever. and i hope you like them too!

love rufie

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