olympia vespa clutch variator puller tool
olympia vespa clutch variator puller tool

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this is a tool for doing something to the rear clutch variator assembly on variated vespa piaggio mopeds. it's some kind of puller. i dont fully understand what it does yet. i'm sure i'll find out soon

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4 of 5 Instruct-taco-ions- January 21, 2014
taco eater : Hugh Goldspiel from San Jose , CA United States  
Ok, here's officially how to use this tool-
Once you get the clutch pulley off, and it's in your hand place the pulley flat on a bench holding it in your hands firmly use an adjustable air wrench and just lightly get the nut loose, do not take it off all the way, then the burled tapered end of the tool goes thru the two right angled prong with prongs facing belt pulley, then feed the spline thru the pulley, and the smaller tab and nut end should be on the opposite side of the belt pulley closest to you. Then very carefully take up enough slack to take the contra nut off without it shooting away, pull the spring off, put new contra spring on, reassemble tool same way, twist the nut snug with your hand guiding and twisting the lock washers and tabs until they line up, once you got it it clicks into place, and you can tighten the nut.. Be sure to use the lock washer properly..

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4 of 5 It Compresses Stuff February 11, 2013
taco eater : Sean Lynch from Tucson, AZ United States  
This tool is for compressing the contra spring so that the big nut in the driven pulley end can be removed and installed safely.

Looking forward to receiving mine, I've got driven clutches to rebuild.

P.S. Works for some 50cc scooters too, like the Spree and Elite E.

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3 of 5 if you have certain tools, you can save your money July 18, 2012
taco eater : Bradley No-No from Ypsilanti, MI United States  
i'll take a video next time i swap springs...

you need a vise. a good vise. and these vise grips. look at them. really.


the 90 side can get under the clutch bell area. the flat(ter) side of the grips can compress the outer ramp plate down. it does take a bit of finesse to get it in the sweet spot. once that's done, gently clamp the clutch in the vise, then you can take that giant backside nut off without a ramp plate putting your eye out faster than you can say red ryder.

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