new vespa LARGE WINDOW points flywheel - external magnet style!
new vespa LARGE WINDOW points flywheel - external magnet style!



NEW replacement flywheel for yer vespa!! this is the later style (euro only) with an external magnetic strip mounted on the inside of the flywheel making it suuuper light and rad.

the stock points flywheel found in the US have magnets built into the aluminum body and weigh in at 1310 grams.
this bad boy weighs in at an impressive 760g. that's like 42% lighter!! now we're talkin...vespa that is

***WARNING you have to be using the proper coils for this flywheel! your regular ol US style coils will 100% NOT work with this flywheel. the magnet strip goes around the ID of the flywheel and meets at a center point that is slightly off. you may need to bench grind/shave down the coils OR the magnet strip itself for proper clearance so nothing rubs. that being said, with a little work you have a brand new super light rad flywheel! ***

about 92mm ID!

oh if you want a points window plug ya gotta get one of these big boys

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5 of 5 Nothing a little dermeling couldn't fixxxxx December 8, 2016
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
There is definitely too much magnet on the ID (Inner Diameter) of these flywheels, nothing a little dermeling didn’t fix. After about 10 minutes of careful cutting I did get this flywheel to fit on my Euro 92mm (Not US 100mm coils) coils. It sparks well even after the trimming.

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