motomatic batavus M48 airsal 43.5mm 60cc cylinder
motomatic batavus M48 airsal 43.5mm 60cc cylinder


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ohh my who could ever believe something like this would appear? This is an Airsal Morini cylinder kit that has been converted to fit on a Batavus. It has split transfers and plenty of room for porting. The Batavus engine case will have to be bored out 1mm for the cylinder skirt to fit, after that it bolts right on. We highly suggest you use a matching morini head to get the best cooling. Made for a Laura m48 motor. will require a custom exhaust mount. no head gasket included.

also some more info from motomatic...
the spacer is port matched to the case but the spacer can be ported to match the kit as long as it stays the same where it meets the case. so it can be ramped out to match the kit transfers. there is a little meat on the cases to match the kit to them but not much so it's REALLY easy to go through.

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5 of 5 Beef up your m56 with the adapter June 19, 2018
taco eater : mike leo from chicagoland  
The adapter (separate item) is kindof crummy looking but it works with the m56 and this kit!

The kit does practically nothing with the stock reed and stock carb. Get the nice reed block, some stiff reeds, and the MLM intake and your choice 15mm carb and hit 30mph+ on your bat!

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5 of 5 Why haven't you bought this yet? May 15, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
You have no kit options for your bat. Buy this and the MLM pipe made for it and pass people at rallies all day and make them feel bad that they can't keep up with an old Dutch junker. Quick! Before it's gone!

I bored the case with a dremel. It looks like dogshit but it still works fantastically.

HEAD GASKET?!?! hell no. Make the head super smooth with some 1000000000000000 grit sand paper. Gotta harvest the maximum compression to make that dumb dry clutched turd go hard in the paint.

Make sure you have the proper thickness of base gasketry as well. It is easy to not have the exhaust port open all the way.

I have since parted with the bike I had built with this kit, but it was my first and I will never forget it.

13/40 gearing was hitting the low 40s. Take of was prreeeety awful. you have pedals tho and it was a good time after getting up on the pipe.

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5 of 5 Amazing March 14, 2014
taco eater : Blake Long from Columbia, SC United States  
Once you get the boring done, the install is easy peasy. Great kit for the m48 (the custom exhaust is a must though top notch quality)

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5 of 5 Finally !! October 30, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Orange Park, FL United States  
The install is easy, if you know what you are doing. havent been able to test performance yet, but Im really excited. maybe my bat will keep up now

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5 of 5 8) March 11, 2012
taco eater : Nash Wiley from Ames, IA United States  
goodness gracious...motomatic killin it as usual!

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