motobecane tunŽ pulley
motobecane tun® pulley



***NOW VASTLY BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE! you may ask yourself, how is this so?! well, high quality INA caged needle bearings have been installed and we've included a packet of grease to make sure things are all lubed up n happy.***

tunŽ pulley for motobecane mopeds

slides on to 16mm pedal shafts. comes with needle bearings installed.

all motobecane sprockets aftermarket and stock DO NOT fit on this pulley. use peugeot sprockets

comes with an 11 tooth sprocket! yes!!

use two of these 18mm long pulley bearings for the ultimate needle bearing upgrade.

sprocket mounting OD = 28mm

total diameter = 214mm

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2 of 5 yes better bearings BUT.... June 25, 2017
taco eater : Kenneth Hill from Arnold, MD United States  
I understand this is an inexpensive "upgrade" but would it have killed their bottom-line to make it line up with the variator without all kinds if "rigging"? How about smoothing the machined edges in the decorative cut-outs so you don't slice a chunk out of your finger handling/spinning it it?

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4 of 5 good but..... July 28, 2015
taco eater : blackumi from Moreno Valley, CA United States  
Bolts that hold the sprocket on loosened up after about 10 miles of riding. Luckily it's saveable. If you buy this, take it apart and are assemble with high strength threadlocker

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5 of 5 works for model 7 !! September 7, 2014
taco eater : chad salter from san francisco, CA United States  
I used about 5 nylon shims, 1 between the pulley to frame to get proper alignment, and no rubbing on frame and tension spring.. then used shims as spacers to the pedal and circlip.  Smooth running and lighter than stock.

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2 of 5 looks good but needs your help May 20, 2014
taco eater : brian schulz from cranston, RI United States  
I have 3 Doppler pulleys and 1 of these.  I have had the Doppler pulleys for 2 years with no issues. I have had the Tun Pulley for about 30 miles.  the hex head that holds the sprocket from spinning allows the sprocket to chuck about 1mm or so.  the sprocket was so chewed up from this that it was on the verge of stripping.  the bearings on this pulley seized up also.
I replaced the hex head with one from Lowe's as it had a larger diameter head and eliminated the sprocket from chucking.  I then used stock bearings from an old pulley.

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5 of 5 Perfect pulling September 16, 2013
taco eater : michael misson from nr newmarket, suffolk United Kingdom  
After trying 3 other pulleys which fell apart within minutes, I ended up buying this tun pulley. My bike is a 70 cc av89 with a dellorto carb and electronic ignition. This probably is why I had problems as I'm putting twice the power through the pulley and with my trim (not) 17 stone body was just too much!!! Anyway this pulley takes the strain and in the process gears the bike up perfect. I have fitted a really nice thick drive belt on it, it sits quiet high but it variates really well. I'm guessing here as the speedo is broken but I reckon cruising speed is 40 and top speed is 50 to 55. (It's bloody terrifying). Thank you  treat land, me and the amigos had a really good tour round France in August without pulley issues:))

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