motobecane AV10 simonini CIRCUIT - black
motobecane simonini CIRCUIT - black

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simonini circuit pipe for motobecane MBK AV10! don't know how compatible this is with av7, but if i had to guess with some bracketry it might work!

header mounts OG threaded style with springs so usable on stock or aftermarket cylinders

from the illustrious hq vintage collection, quite possibly, never to be seen again.

comes with everything seen in the photo!

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5 of 5 Absolutely amazing. November 8, 2020
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Oakland, CA United States  
Only took minor bends with the torch and fiddling with the bracket to fit AV7. I'm sure on AV10 it'd be plug 'n play.

Quality is super good for the price.

Powerband is like your run of the mill circuit pipe. Bangin' midrange for sure. Not a screamer but we knew this already. Works great on my AV7 Airsal 45mm. Perfect low 40's cruisin'.

I'm thrilled about this pipe. Finally a moby circuit pipe that isn't the damn turbo kit ones.

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4 of 5 4 stars for now. Chamber as big around as Gianelli February 8, 2019
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
Holy moly what a thicc pipe! The chamber at max size is as big around be as a gianelli pipe.

This is definitely an av10 pipe, the angle and mounting is a no-go for av7. The worlds leave a bit to be desired. At least one of the weld lines has a big pit in it.

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